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YG268 TRI-angle accurate gloss meter

YG268 TRI-angle accurate gloss meter
YG series gloss meter totally including 3 models, YG60S(economic model), YG60 (prcise model), YG268 (triangle high-end model), it give customer more choice for glossiness measuring.Which are wildly used in the field of paint, ink, stoving varnish, coating, wood products; marble, granite, vitrified polished tile, pottery brick and porcelain; plastic, paper; hardware industries, etc.

The measuring range for YG268 is 0-2000GU, in this range, almost can test all of material's glossiness and give customer more accurate data about quality control.

This model featured with elegant design which is combined with aesthetics and ergonomics, and it can do the cailibration automatically also. For the standard of the gloss meter JJG696, this model can meet the first grade. Large storage which enalble this model can save over 35000 datas. This model is also very smart, when we did not use it within 30-120s, it will turn-off by itself. It can also metter the standard of ISO2813, ASTM523, GB/T9754.

All in all, this model is the helper for our customer.

Following are the details for this gloss meter, you can check it to selected the most suitable model for yourself:  

YG Series Specification Parameter


YG60S 60°Economic Gloss Meter

YG60 60°Accurate Gloss Meter

YG268 Tri-angle Gloss Meter

Measuring Angle



20° 60°85°

Measuring Area

60°: 0-200GU

60°: 0-1000GU

20°: 0-2000GU

60°: 0-1000GU

85°: 0-160GU

Division Value



Measuring Modes

Basic mode

Basic mode; Statistic mode; Continuous mode; QC mode

Measuring Time



0~100GU : ±0.5GU; 100~2000GU : ±0.5%GU

0~100GU : ±0.2GU; 100~2000GU : ±0.2%GU

0~100GU : ±0.2GU; 100~2000GU : ±0.2%GU


Conform with JJG696 second grade requirements of gloss meter

Conform with JJG696 first grade requirements of gloss meter

Auto Power-off Time


Within 30s-120s

Long-time Calibration


Automatically check and made the calibration


Chinese & English



35000(Basic mode &Statistic mode : 1500; Continuous mode : 10000; QC mode: 10000)


2.3 inch white and black screen




About 300g

Power Supply

1pc dry-cell battery(can measure 10000 times) or use USB Charge



USB & Bluetooth 2.1 version

PC Software


GQC6 QC software can printing testing report and with more extended functions

Operation Temperature Range

0-40℃(32-104° F)

Storage Temperature Range

-20-50℃(-4-122° F)

Humidity Range

< 85% RH, without condensation

Standard Accessories

User manual, calibration plate

USB cable, user manual, calibration plate, QC software

Optional Accessories

Miniature printer

Notification: the technical parameter is only for reference