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Realistic Camera Test Chart

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Realistic Camera Test Chart
Realistic Camera Test Chart
Shenzhen Sine Image Technology CO., LTD. (Sine Image) is owned by Five Su, invested with the core technology and built by the advantages of resources by 3NH and Tilo. With leading technology, products and best service, Sine Image is more professional and large-scale.

All Sine Image test charts (black and white & color) can be customized. We set up a complete product portfolio and customer portfolio. Every test chart is strictly tested by high standard then deliver out of warehouse, and we ensure the products have absolute consistency.
Sine Image also have S-imageTest and ColorFilm two technicals and processing ability production, special designed to provide a complete set of product processing and solution services for large and medium enterprises, and national enterprises and institutions.

We provide all kinds of TV camera test chart, including ISO12233 test chart, SFRPlus Test Chart, Grayscales Test Charge, Color Test Chart, Dyramic Range Chart, Texture Test Chart,Grid Test Chart etc. We also welcome OEM and provide whole set camera test plan for your laboratory testing.

Today, I will introduce one of our chart to you, realistic image camera test chart, it is diverse, we can made it based on your laboratory requirement, we also can give your some suggestions based on your products.

We have many customer who are very famous in the field of camera test, mobile phone camera, security cameres etc, like 
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd,Apple Inc., Vestel Group,Lenovo Group Ltd, BYD Co Ltd,Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., 
Ltd, Vivo, Oppor etc.

Here attached about some pictures about the realistic camera test chart, please check it.

If your are in this filed and interested in our chart and light box, please don't hesitate to contact with me.