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3nh Spectrodensitometer for CMYK CIE LAB

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3nh Spectrodensitometer for CMYK CIE LAB

3nh Spectrodensitometer for CMYK CIE LAB

We all know, for spectrodensitometer, the famous brand is X-rite' s EXACT series machine. Even for famous brand like 日本, BYK did not have similar model.

Now,we Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co., Ltd, have the similar model as EXACT, some functions, some datas, but much lower price about it, it is made in China.

And there are 3 model for X-RITE EXACT:

EXACT Densitometer;

It is some as 3nh spectrodensitometer.

As a company with over 21 years experience in the field of color analysis, 3nh persisted launch at least 3-5 kinds of new products every year, since we have a strong and powerful research department.

If your are interested in this machine,please don't hesitate to contact with me for details and price. Email: L001@3nh.com, Wechat & WhatsApp ID(+8613510310267)

We also have partner around the world, so never worry about the services from 3nh.